Shine A Light Bumper Sticker

The aims of Shine a Light for Peace are:

To promote awareness of the importance of the individual as the primary unit of world peace.

As individuals we often feel that the issue of world peace is such a complex problem that it is beyond our sphere of influence and is best left to governments, world leaders, or large organizations. Shine a Light for Peace believes that just the opposite is true. As a forest can only be green when all the trees in it are green, a world at peace can only exist when the individuals of that world are at peace with themselves, their families and their environment.


To encourage individuals to take personal action to create a more peaceful world.

It is through individual responsibility and action that world peace can be achieved. As individuals begin to create more peace in their lives and environment, the conditions for the realization of world peace will begin to be established.


To foster the understanding, on the part of individuals, that every contribution, no matter how small, can have a positive impact on the total peace picture.

We do not need to change the world to be successful at contributing to world peace. We need only begin wherever we find ourselves and do whatever we can. As we begin to establish a more peaceful foundation for our own lives and share that peace in whatever way we are inspired, we will be making an important contribution to the entire world peace picture. It is the small contributions of many individuals that can change the world.


To encourage individuals to place a peace light * in their home, office, school, place of worship, etc. as a symbol of their personal commitment to creating a more peaceful world.

These lights shining a message of peace and individual commitment will serve as beacons of peace in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

*(Or any symbol that you might choose - for it is really that inner light, the home of peace that shines in our hearts, that we wish to nurture and radiate.)


"be the change you wish to see in the world..." gandhi


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