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Shine A Light for Peace

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Now, More than ever...

Let your LIGHT shine!

In April of 1997 we first began encouraging people to Shine A Light For Peace.  April 6 of that year marked the start of a 1000 day countUP to the beginning of the new millennium. Peace oriented celebrations and events were held then culminating in One Day in Peace on January 1, 2000 and similar events continue to take place in various locations around the US and the world today as concerened people seek to find peaceful solutions to the problems of our communities, country and world. 


As a symbol and reminder of our continuing intention to work for a world at peace, we can place - or keep - a candle (electric is probably the most practical and safe) in a window during the night (and day). These lights shining out their message of peace  will serve as beacons in our homes, neighborhoods, towns and cities. They can inspire us to seek peace within ourselves (because that is where Peace really begins) and to spread that growing inner peace outward into the world.  If a light is impractical or inappropriate, then a picture of a light will do as well - or any other symbol you might choose as a reminder of your personal commitment to creating a more peaceful and harmonious world.  Be creative - and remember that what is really important is the light that shines in our hearts and in our lives.  It is that inner light that will illuminate the dawn of a new age of Peace. Cultivate it, nurture it, and let it SHINE.  Believe that you DO make a difference.  It is the cumulative effect of the little things that each of us does that will transform the world.  

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."
—Mother Teresa 

"be the change you wish to see in the world..."
— gandhi

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April 6, 1997 to Jan. 1, 2000 - AND BEYOND....


Let Peace be Bright

Shine YOUR Light for Peace

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